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Founded in January of 1993 by Marge Cappo and Mike Fish, Learning in Motion is a California corporation whose ultimate goal is to improve the nature of instruction and learning.

As founder and President of Learning in Motion, Marge quickly positioned the company as an innovator in technology-based curriculum. Her dedication to the research and development of products that
utilize current advances in technology and educational theory has been well-documented by past successes. As Vice President of Sunburst Communications (1982–1992), her division developed and marketed over 350 educational software programs. As President of Wings for Learning (1990–1992), she defined the vision and development of multimedia and technology products in mathematics, science, language arts, interdisciplinary and environmental studies.

Prior to developing educational technologies, Marge was a mathematics instructor and Instructional Administrator of Research and Evaluation in Hopkins, Minnesota. Later she was Instructional Computing Coordinator and Manager of Development at the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium (MECC). She received her Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics Education in 1967 and her Masters of Science in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Minnesota in 1983. Marge has designed over fifty award-winning programs, one of which received the “Program of the Decade” award from Classroom Computer Learning. Marge was named “Educator of the Decade” in 1990 by Electronic Learning Magazine, and honored in 1999 as a “Pioneer in Educational Computing” by the National Education Computing Conference. She continues to lend her expertise to teacher workshops,
technology training seminars, and educational symposiums in the United States and abroad.
Her vocation is to visualize stronger and more effective educational tools. Her goal is to conceptualize and develop those tools into working realities for the classroom.

As a co-founder of Learning in Motion, Mike Fish has joined Marge in a successful partnership, working jointly on concept development for over twenty years. Mike’s primary contribution is in application and interface design. His extensive work in the development of early problem-solving programs is of great value to the company’s focus on innovative software and technology tools. His highly intuitive working knowledge of multi-media capabilities helps bring design concepts to life.

Prior to launching Learning in Motion, Mike was involved in the startup of Wings for Learning (1990–1992). There his responsibilities included managing customer service, programming stand-alone and network Apple II products, and designing Macintosh applications. With Sunburst Communications (1982–1990), Mike initiated product design and programming for the Apple II and Atari. He has received over 25 awards for his work in design and programming. He also held design and programming positions with The Software Factory (1977–1979) and the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium (1977–1982).

From very early on, Mike has focused his talents on technology, where he continues to find challenge and inspiration for his educational designs.

For its clients, Learning in Motion provides a diverse staff with multiple areas of specialty; for its customers, a growing line of high-quality products; and for its own employees, a work environment that is a learning place. At Learning in Motion, research and collaboration is encouraged, and personal and professional achievements through inquiry and reflection are always honored. The combined strengths of our diversely talented group provide the company with the resources it needs to conceptualize, design, and develop the most innovative products in education today.