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Knowledge Forum

Has lack of participation or difficulty organizing information and ideas hampered your attempts at online staff discussions? Are students in your classroom having difficulty working together to build knowledge? Knowledge Forum is your solution.

Knowledge Forum is an electronic group workspace designed to support the process of knowledge building. With Knowledge Forum, any number of individuals and groups can share information, launch collaborative investigations, and build networks of new ideas together.

In knowledge building communities, ideas are continually evolving and improving. Knowledge Forum provides the tools to organize and synthesize these ideas. As ideas grow and change, they can be revised, combined, and reorganized.

Knowledge Forum has its own website, www.knowledgeforum.com.

Visit the Knowledge Forum website to view an introduction to the product, see Knowledge Forum in action, or to order. There is information in the Product section of the website about how to login to our live Knowledge Forum 4.8.1 demo database (once you are in the Product section, click on "Demo" on the sidebar).

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