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SETQuest is the unique interactive multimedia program that brings students into the real world of science, engineering, and technology careers. SETQuest creates vivid connections between career choices and science and math education.

These engaging and effective multimedia explorations feature real people from a broad range of career areas, candidly describing their work. They combine full-motion color video, interactive simulations, and text. As students spend a “day on the job,” the simulations involve students solving actual problems and making decisions similar to the ones professionals face on a regular basis.

Students are also encouraged to explore their own interests and aspirations with the Career Match/Starting with Me Self Assessment exercise and the Information Bank database, which provides information on 120 related careers.

SETQuest gives students an insider’s view of a number of careers. It opens up a world of choices by creating awareness and understanding of the broad opportunities and different entry levels in science, engineering, and technology careers.

Here’s how it works...

Love animals? Do robots grab you? SETQuest offers a multitude of career options to explore. Each CD-ROM offers in-depth exploration of four careers, including visits with working professionals in action.

Explore careers in science interactively.

Interactive self-assessment of talents and interests

Students use the interactive self-assessment of personal talents and interests. SETQuest then identifies and matches a number of suitable occupations to student responses.

self assessment questions

An InfoBank has skill, education, and contact information for 120 careers.

Career Information

Students see the real challenges and decisions faced by professionals everyday, and guess which would be the best solutions. Then students see which solutions the scientists chose and their reasoning.

Examine a sick swan

Here a student, working with a veterinarian, is involved in an x-ray examination of an animal before deciding on the next procedures.


In depth exploration of 32 different careers in science, engineering, and mathematics

SETQuest can be purchased as a set of 4 interactive CD-ROMs, or the CD-ROMs can be purchased separately.

Volume I: Aerospace Engineer, Robotics Scientist, Ecologist, Emergency Medical Technician, Forensic Scientist, Mechanical Engineer, Rehabilitation Engineer, Veterinarian

Volume II: Physician’s Assistant, Utilities Biology Technician, Survey Technician, Food Technologist, Meteorologist, Registered Nurse, Materials Engineer, Waste Management Technician

Volume III: Biology Teacher, Architect, Radiologic Technologist, Avionics Technician, Multimedia Programmer, Urban Planner, Occupational Therapist, Biomedical Engineer

Volume IV: CAM Technician, Chemical Technician, Mathematics Teacher, Microbiologist, Microelectronics Technician, Assistant Curator, Physical Oceanographer, Physical Therapist


The creators of SETQuest

SETQuest was created and produced by the Educational Film Center, with the New York Hall of Science, the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP), and AAAS.

© 2004 Learning in Motion, Inc.