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Content Development

Learning in Motion is an industry leader in implementing education theory and research through the design and development of successful programs. We create high-quality educational materials based on rigorous standards—yours! What matters to us is implementing your vision, achieving your objectives, and ensuring your learners reach their goals — and we will help you add features that reflect the latest and most respected research.

From a single module to a three-year curriculum, Learning in Motion can develop and deliver innovative content that addresses your needs and meets the highest standards. We have developed K-12 science, math, and English language arts content that is being used in classrooms across the nation.

We will consult on your design, handle a single aspect of content development, or take a project from concept to completion:

  • Project management, including deliverables, staffing, and production cycles
  • Design of materials
  • Content writing
  • Editorial services
  • Acquisition or creation of appropriate graphics and permissions
  • Production of camera-ready copy
  • Proofing