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The Learning in Motion team has been creating high-quality educational materials for over 40 years and, for more than a decade now, we've been the go-to consulting team for state and national reform groups including the National Center on Education and the Economy, non-profits like SETI Institute, and publishers such as America’s Choice. As individuals we have a passion for learning; as an organization, our goal is to improve instructional capacity and broaden educational opportunities. Over the years we've achieved notable success and industry respect with award-winning software and innovative thematic curricula. We are known for our integrity, the high quality of our work, and the timely delivery of products.

K-12 education is where we have the broadest experience and expertise, yet we also collaborate with university-level researchers and private corporations. We have done extensive projects in science and mathematics , in addition to having a strong background and project history in English language arts, reading, and writing. Our capabilities span a wide range of tasks and time commitments, from per diem consultation and program evaluation to short-term video projects; from producing annual reports to managing and writing innovative, multi-year math curricula.

Whether you are looking for assistance with content development, video production, marketing collateral, or professional development, Learning in Motion can provide the service, quality, and creativity you need.