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Professional Development

Supporting and enhancing professional development is our goal; working toward improvement of the education workforce is our mission. The purpose of all training is to impact student success. We do that by providing quality solutions, services, and products to support those who inspire, lead, and educate others. Learning in Motion offers a variety of delivery systems to provide growth activities for administrators and teaching professionals.

We believe instructors and leaders maximize their effectiveness when supported by quality materials and models, with meaningful professional interactions, and an organized course of skills refinement – all of which result in improved student achievement. We'll work with you to create the professional materials you need — whether it's a week-long, off-site development course that your staff delivers, a half-day skills workshop, or open-entry open-exit courseware.

We're here to develop exactly what you want in the format you need:  

  • Instructional design of professional development programs
  • Consultation on delivery system (face to face with print material support, CD-Rom, web, video, or combination)
  • Creation of content
  • Artistic and graphic design, editing, and production of professional development materials
  • Proofing and copy-checking of materials for final printing, burning or launching