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Video Production

We create video for maximum integration and achievement of educational goals—for the students, professionals, stakeholders, and organizational leaders you serve. To illustrate concepts, reinforce competencies, and frame essential messages, we'll develop video components critical to your education, training, and computer-mediated communication needs.

We can do the filming or begin with your rough footage to create what you need—a story, a program overview, or technical instruction. We are experts in the challenging art of capturing live classroom activity and discussions. Years of experience have refined our techniques, resulting in authentic high-quality films.
We can handle any or all of your video production needs, including:

  • Script writing
  • Interviewing scientists, researchers, subject matter experts, students, or parents
  • Filming classrooms, training sessions, or projects; video captured using Cannon GL2 and Xl2 cameras; lighting, microphones, receivers; digital capture for high-quality sound, and industry contacts with voice professionals
  • Editing in Final Cut Pro; Final production in both Quicktime and Flash formats